The Essential Guide to Obtaining an International Passport in Nigeria

If you’re planning to travel abroad, whether for business or leisure, one of the most important things you’ll need is an international passport.

In Nigeria, obtaining an international passport is a requirement for citizens who want to travel outside the country. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria.

Requirements for Obtaining an International Passport in Nigeria

Before you can obtain an international passport in Nigeria, there are certain requirements that you must fulfil. These requirements include:

  • National Identity Card: You must have a valid National Identity Card or a Valid Driver’s License.
  • Birth Certificate: You must provide a valid birth certificate or age declaration.
  • Local Government of Origin Identification: You must provide a valid Local Government of Origin Identification.
  • Two Recent Passport Photographs: You must provide two recent passport photographs.
  • Police Report: You must provide a valid police report (not mandatory).
  • Payment: You must pay the appropriate fee for the type of passport you want to obtain.

How to Apply for an International Passport in Nigeria

To apply for an international passport in Nigeria, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website at to start the application process.
  2. Click on the e-Passport tab on the homepage.
  3. Select the type of passport you want to obtain (32-page or 64-page).
  4. Fill in the application form with accurate information.
  5. Submit the application form and print out the payment confirmation slip.
  6. Pay the appropriate fee using any of the approved payment methods.
  7. Book an appointment for biometric capture at any of the approved passport application centres in Nigeria.
  8. Attend the appointment and provide all the required documents.
  9. Wait for your international passport to be processed and delivered to you.

Why is an International Passport Important for Nigerians?

An international passport is an important document for Nigerians who want to travel outside the country. Here are some reasons why:

  • Visa Applications: If you want to travel to most countries outside Nigeria, you’ll need a visa. An international passport is a primary document that you’ll need to present when applying for a visa.
  • Identification: An international passport is an official document that can be used as a means of identification when travelling outside the country.
  • Emergency Situations: In case of an emergency such as a medical emergency or natural disaster, having a valid international passport will make it easier for you to get assistance from your country’s embassy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to obtain an international passport in Nigeria?

A: The processing time for an international passport in Nigeria is usually between 48 hours to 14 days depending on the type of passport you’re applying for and the passport office you’re applying from.

Q: Can I renew my international passport?

A: Yes, you can renew your international passport if it has expired or if you’ve run out of blank pages. You’ll need to follow the same application process outlined in this guide.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain an international passport in Nigeria?

A: The cost of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria varies depending on the type of passport you’re applying for. As of 2023, the fees range from ₦45,000 to ₦70,000.

The Issue of Fraudulent Passport Applications

While obtaining an international passport is crucial, it’s important to be aware of fraudulent activities associated with passport applications. There have been cases where unscrupulous individuals pose as immigration officials and demand payment in exchange for expedited passport processing or preferential treatment.

To avoid falling victim to such scams, it’s essential to only apply for an international passport through official channels. The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is responsible for the issuance of international passports in Nigeria and has authorized passport application centres across the country.

Always confirm that the application centre you’re using is authorized by the NIS.

It’s also advisable to be cautious when providing personal information to anyone claiming to be an immigration official or representative. Do not give out your personal details or pay any fees to unauthorized individuals or organizations.

There are a few important steps in a Nigerian passport application.

First, applicants must be physically present at the Consular Mission to process biometric data. Then, they must present photocopies of their parent’s passport data pages.

After this, applicants must book an appointment online with a Nigerian consulate. They should have these documents ready before they come to the consulate, as the consulate cannot process your application by a proxy.


Using your Validation Number.

Using your Validation Number for an international passport application is easy and fast, and you’ll be redirected to a payment platform after the online form has been submitted.

Before you can start your application, you’ll need to submit the required documents, including the Passport Guarantor’s Form and the relevant documents.

The Validation Number will be your key to getting the interview schedule and the documents you need for your application.

Fees and Payment.

The fee for renewing your passport depends on the number of pages in your current document, how long it’s expired, and how many years you’ve been residing in Nigeria.

The renewal process is expected to take about 6 weeks.

To speed up the process, the government has established special centres that offer quick service. These centres are run on a public-private partnership basis. Ten more are planned for opening in the coming months.

If you’re under the age of sixteen, you’ll need a parent’s permission to apply for a passport. It costs about N25,000 to obtain a standard, five-year passport.

Using your Validation Number is free and easy if you apply for one in Nigeria. For anyone else, the process is the same. Just make sure to include a copy of your valid passport, your current photo, and your Validation Number.

For Payment Outside of Nigeria.

If you intend to travel to another country, you will need to apply for an international passport. Among the requirements that you need to fulfil is the payment.

The Nigeria Immigration Service website offers an easy way to check on your application status.

To do this, you can log in with your Gmail or Yahoo account.

Once you have made the payment, you will be able to see the status of your application. During your application, you will need to upload proof of your residence in that country.

In addition to a valid passport, you will also need to provide a valid email address.

You can register online and fill out the application form.

You will need to be at least 16 years old to apply.

You should complete the entire form accurately and completely.

Failure to submit the required information may result in a lengthy processing time or even denial.

If you want to apply at the Nigerian Embassy, you will need to go to the office in person.

The Nigerian Embassy in your home country will help you fill out the application form.

To print your NIS e-Receipt.

If you’re looking for the best way to pay for a Nigerian passport, you should be aware of your options. In addition to paying online, you can also pay at participating banks by cash or card.

If you’re paying online, you can choose to use your Google or Yahoo account or opt to use the Open ID option to sign in.

Regardless of which method you choose, you must create an account before you can submit your application. You will then be directed to a payment platform, which will require you to enter your Validation Number and Passport Application ID.

If you’re applying for an international passport in Nigeria, you’ll need to pay a NIS fee of US$94 to purchase a 32-page booklet.

If you’re under 18, you’ll pay US$65 for the booklet, while those aged sixty and above must pay US$77 for a 64-page passport booklet. However, it’s also possible to print your NIS e-Receipt using a printer.

Enter the Following Details:

If you’re planning on travelling to Nigeria, you’ll need an international passport. Canadian citizens need to be aware of some entry/exit rules, such as a visa.

However, Canadians should also be aware of the country’s history. Nigeria has been a popular travel destination for Canadians, particularly for business travel.

There are several types of passports available. There are several requirements to be aware of, however, before you purchase one.

The application for an international passport in Nigeria is made online. There is no in-house internet facility at the Mission, so applicants must complete the entire process online.

The payment receipt page must be printed out for future reference.

You should also keep a copy of the payment receipt to show to the Mission if your application is rejected. However, it’s important to note that the Nigerian Immigration Services, Abuja, does not issue refunds if your application is denied.

Aside from the application form, you’ll need to provide your e-mail address and the e-passport reference number. You should also attach a copy of your old Nigerian passport and a copy of your birth certificate if you’re a citizen of ECOWAS.

You’ll also need to provide official proof of residency in Germany if you’re living in Nigeria.

To Generate your Passport Guarantor’s Form.

If you want to travel to another country but don’t have the funds for the process, you can use a guarantor to secure your passport. This person can be a family member, friend, employer, or professional association member.

In addition to the passport application form, guarantors must sign supplementary documentation that will be verified by Passport Canada. For more information, visit Passport Canada.

If you don’t have a guarantor, you should consider getting one from the country you’ve lived in for a while. A guarantor can vouch for you, but the form itself should be accurate and correct. It is important to note that guarantors can’t send faxes or emails and must be sent in original form for lodgement.


Obtaining an international passport in Nigeria is an important requirement for citizens who want to travel outside the country. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily apply for and obtain an international passport in Nigeria. Remember to provide accurate information and fulfil all the requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process.