5 Exciting Things About Enugu – My Experience



Enugu also known as the coal city is a place for relaxation, enjoyment and quiet. It is a small city surrounded by hills and with so many tourist centers scattered all over the city. The population ranks lower compared to other states. It is said to be an “academic states” due to the fact that it accommodates so many university institutions. Enugu is known for its welcoming natives and a secured city.

Here are the reasons why I like Enugu






Enugu city is home to local delicacies that you certainly want to try. For the best of experience eating at the regular mama put is highly advised, thereby eating a freshly cooked meal and saving cost s well. There are several restaurant,bars and mama put across Nigeria. One signpost you are certainly going to see as you stay in the city is FOOD IS READY. Meaning you get to eat some of the freshly cooked food you have seen or heard people talk about like oha soup, banga soup, abacha, ugba, fio fio, ife akwu, nkwobi etc.

There’s also a special place to buy palm wine(nkwocha) with a glass or wooden cup specially made for it, to get fresh palm wine you have to come early either to come and drink or to buy and resell.



Various form of festival is being celebrated in Enugu like “the new yam festival”.

The new yam festival which holds to officially introduce the newly harvested yam to God and Ancestors is as old as igbo culture. It usually holds between August and October with communities determining a date., known locally as the “Emume iri ji ohuru” or “iwa ji” or “ife ji oku” meaning (celebration of new yam). New yam festival has become major tourist attraction because of other colorful events such as royal dance, masquerade parade and dance, achikolo dance

Enugu food festival is also celebrated, it is an international culinary entertainment showpiece with arrays of culinary arts, lavish menu, chef demos, competition , nutrition seminars, restaurants and kitchen exhibition. The entire festival is an exciting blend of entertainment , education and amazing shopping experience all under a very enjoyable and safe environment in the heart of Enugu city.


This is a great place to build a home or start a family. Unlike most states that’s overpopulated, Enugu is among the least state. Most people after hustling and getting their life wealth chooses to move down to enugu to start a family or a new life where there’s less struggle and void of noise. There’s calmness on the streets, roads, shopping arena and markets, like everyone already understands there’s need to be calm even in trying times.

The city of Enugu(Enugu state as a whole) is one of the safest place to live in Nigeria. Living in Enugu is fun and refreshing unlike most places that’s overcrowded and noisy, there’s not been a case of terrorism or public unrest in Enugu.



Aside Uber and Bolt which are just making their way into the city, the state has their own public transport system. The coal city shuttle and taxi is ever ready to convey you to your destination in comfort.

And when we also talk about the states with lesser transportation price, we talk about Enugu.

In Enugu , you can take a public transport to your destination for 50-100naira. Even with less transport money there’s no or less traffic jam, you don’t get to spend hours on the road just to get to your destination because of their free road careful driving.



There are a lot of places in Enugu that will be a thing of interest to you.

Like “the magic garden” built for recreation and relaxation in a soothing atmosphere.

“The National museum of unity” which promotes peaceful co-existence , understanding and love among Nigerians.

“Awhum waterfall and cave” is 30meter high. It’s cascading water is believed to have possessed therapeutic effects and curative powers.

“Polo park mall” the most popular shopping mall in Enugu.